Bath Salts Lavender

Body Care

Baudelaire's Bath Salts come from the coast of Brittany and are lightly fragranced with essential oils.  Escape the endless winter by bringing summer in Southern France into your bathroom.  Layered with rosemary, pine, and musk for a complex and rich portfolio. 
The 20 oz jar provides 8 - 10 fragrance-filled soaks.   Made in Provence. 
*As you run the water for a bath, add 2 tablespoons of lavender bath salts and take a deep breath as the fragrance fills the room. Don't have a bathtub?  Bath salts are also a great room deodorizer; just leave them in a decorative jar with the top off for a subtle scent all day long. 

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Bath Salts
One Size 20 Oz. $18.00

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