Ann Gish

Ann Gish is best known for her exquisite detailing and construction, along with the use of luxurious and innovative fabrics and designs. Ann is considered by many to be the consummate leader in the creation of contemporary silk bedding, decorative pillows and tabletops.  The practical elegance of her design has affected the way beds and bed accessories are presented in the marketplace today.

Ann relies on elegance that is easy and pleasurable to live with, achieved through a marriage of form and function.  Luxury created for the senses - the feel, color, texture, shape and scale, and even the sound fabric makes as it is moved or touched.

In the past Ann has worked as an interior designer, a television and radio producer, and as a chef, but throughout her life she has always been a creator.  Ann Gish, Inc. was established twenty one years ago in order to offer her work to the finest stores, designers and hotels world-wide.  Her products are in the homes of many celebrities and have also appeared in film and tv, including numerous episodes of 'Sex and the City.'  Her bridge line, Ready-to-Bed, a more affordable, machine washable, easy-care bedding, is available in many fashion colors and beautiful neutrals as well as great patterns.  Also available are architectural-style steel beds, benches and tables.

Ann was born and raised in New York City and Southern California.  She has lived in France and London and in a restored sugar plantation in Barbados that was originally built in 1712.  She now lives on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and just loves it there.

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