Provence Soaps


A fragrance that is both natural and warm like a sun-soaked Provencal landscape. A fresh starting note, like the garden of  the Hesperides, with bergamot and lemon, combined with a spicy note of clove, basil and coriander, on a woody base of patchouli and sandal-wood. Soap gift set #1 includes two large soaps, 3 small soaps and an Olympe wash mitt and is packaged in a clear cellophane bag with a ribbon. Soap gift set #2 is one of each size soap packaged in cellophane and set #3 is the same but includes the wash mitt. Or choose your soaps in a small organza bag.

Large body bars stock low. Restocking date is Dec 4th. You will receive an email if you are backordered.

Size Dimensions Unit Price Quantity
Gift Sets
Soap Gift Set #3 1 Large, 1 Med, 1 Small & Mitt $28.00
Soap Gift Set #2 1 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small $20.00
Mixed Organza Bag 1 Each - Prov, Mixte & Feminine $12.50
Organza Bag - 3 One Small/One Medium $11.50
Organza Bag - 2 One Medium Soap $7.50
Organza Bag -- 1 Set of 3 Small $12.50
Soap Gift Set #1 2 Large, 3 Small & Mitt $38.00
Bar Soap 200 Gram $9.00
Round Bar Soap 100 Gram $7.00
Round Bar Soap 30 gram $4.00

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