Garnier-Thiebaut's Elea bath towels are available in a wide array of colors.  We invite you to discover the ultra-soft Elea terry collection.  This collection will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.  Made from 100% Cotton zero twist. Garnier Thiebaut uses combed cotton for their bath linen. This superior quality of Cotton gives their products a softer touch and makes them more durable over time. Also available in robes. 

Size Dimensions Color Unit Price Quantity
Wash Mitt 6 x 9" $6.00
Washcloth 12 x 12" $9.00
Guest Towel 12 x 20" $11.00
Hand Towel 20 x 39" $23.00
Bath Towel 28 x 55" $42.00
Bath Sheet 39 x 59" $62.00

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