Down Wash

Linen Care

For Laundering Down-Filled Products

Its neutral pH formula will gently, yet thoroughly bathe the down while protecting its natural oils from drying out. Le Blanc® DOWNWASH® is known for and proven to remove common stains produced by children and pets. Tested and recommended for use on hypoallergenic, down alternative and all down filled products.Name has been changed to "Green Meadows" but still the same product.

Why use this product:

  • You can now inexpensively launder your down as often as you need and have it back on your bed that same evening.
  • Cleaning down with water and a mild, gentle cleanser is manufacturers preferred method for laundering, not the dry cleaning process.

Size Dimensions Color Unit Price Quantity
One 64 oz. $40.00
Measuring Cup 2 oz $3.50

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