Coated Provence Beige


Provence Enduite Table Linens
Le Jacquard Francais - Provence Enduite Table Linens takes you away to the south of France, where life is carefree and a table can be found anywhere - albeit a balcony, a patio, or even a picnic on the grass. The playful design of this Le Jacquard Francais Tablecloth collection features broad stripes, ornamental motifs, and stylized flowers. Available in 3 colorful shades.

* 100% Combed Cotton, Long Fibers
* Acrylic Coating on One Side -- simply wipe off with a damp sponge
* Made in France

Available in 3 Colors:
Lavender Blue

Size Dimensions Color Unit Price Quantity
Coated Tablecloths
Coated Rectangle 69 x 126 $445.00 $356.00
Coated Rectangle 69 x 98 $365.00 $292.00
Coated Square 69 x 69 $295.00 $236.00
Coated Rectangle 59 x 86 $305.00 $244.00
Coated Square 59 x 59 $249.00 $199.20
Square 22"x22" $27.50 $22.00

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