Bella Notte

In 1997, Bella Notte changed the course of bedroom design with the world's first easy care, garment-dyed luxury linens. Inherently adaptable with elements of pure couture, Bella Notte is at once approachable and inspirational. From their bedding, baby, and accessory lines to their tabletop collection, they offer high quality products in a palette of luscious tones and irresistible textures.

It is their goal to produce a beautiful product with the least possible environmental impact. As the pioneers of garment-dyed bedding, they offer you the most irresistibly soft fabrics and harmonious colors available - the sweet rewards of years spent refining our unique manufacturing process.

Bella Notte begin with low-impact fabrics, defined as textiles that have minimal impact on the environment over their entire life cycle -  from farming and harvesting of raw materials (e.g., organic cotton and hemp) through production, usage and disposal. Every order is then custom dyed using low-impact, non-toxic dyes, which use less heat, energy and water than conventional dyes. The majority of their collections are both manufactured and finished in the San Francisco Bay Area by local community craftspeople.

With the most irresistibly soft fabrics and harmonious colors available, let Bella Notte's timeless designs inspire your own creativity.