The creation of the Stamattina collection began as an idea in the spring of 2010.   Michael and I have been involved in the home textile industry, specifically the bedding industry, for years (more than 50 between the two of us) and have worked with some of the finest bed linen companies around.  We have watched as the industry expanded and then contracted.  We have always felt it is important to have constant dialogue with our customers asking them what the consumer is requesting as well as where they see a void in the market.  One of the constant requests we heard was that our specialty linen retail stores were looking for classic prints, preferably percale, with a good hand that could be integrated into many bedrooms.  The price had to be fair.  The quality of the cotton and the sewing had to reflect the price. 

With those parameters in mind, we made the decision to work with an Italian supplier for our fabrics.  Italian bedding has always been recognized, deservedly, as superior in quality. We identified the supplier and created a small, tight collection of prints in limited colors.  The colors and designs could work independently or be combined to create a fresh, crisp bedding collection.  The look would be classic.  The colors selected would be consistent in each year’s collection so that if customers chose, they could add on new items year after year that would work back with the original designs.  Our feeling was that retail customers would not necessarily want to change an entire room if they needed to freshen their bedding, but they might want a portion of the bed to be new and updated.

It was also important to us that the collection should be Made in the USA.  We are passionate about supporting jobs here.  We found two workrooms that we felt would give us great quality.  I am pleased to say that both are local, New York workrooms.  There is still manufacturing in New York and one of our goals is to do our part to keep it here!