Celso de Lemos

Celso de Lemos bedding is made from high grade fabrics and fine construction details showcasing the attention to detail this company is known for. Talented artisans and specialists create these looks. 

Near Viseu, Portugal, the Celso de Lemos linens are produced by a highly skilled team of craftspeople. Thanks to their daily efforts, talent and handicraft, the Celso de Lemos workers transform raw materials into exclusive linens. In the quest to combine simplicity with quality, those commodities are selected with care and experience. The cotton is the rare and exclusive Egyptian cotton Giza 70, rewarded for its extra long fibers and purity that make some of the finest sheeting fabrics available. This type of cotton dates from 4200 years before Christ. Picked by hand, only the ripe fruits are selected to obtain the longest fibers, making the finest weaving possible. The result is a highly select fabric with the combination of softness and durability and easy to care for.

Or they use Asian silk, Mongolian cashmere and Belgian linen to obtain the most noble fabrics.

A wide range of colors and finishes (sateen, percale and jacquard) -- you may select from their existing catalog or create your own unique color combinations. Think of them as the Haute Couture of bedding.

Celso de Lemos is also OEKO-TEX certified. They invest in our ecology by using biological water treatment and biodegradable fabrics. OEKO_TEX certification means you can be assured that their textiles have been tested for harmful substances.

The sign of the Lemos family, four crescent moons arranged in a circle, is the symbol for their group of enterprises. The four directions in which this Portugese family explores the world, the four mountains surrounding the city and the philosophy of life , also based on four words: humanity, simplicity, vision and sharing. Celso de Lemos is for our most descerning clientele.