Couture - Piano Bath


Yves Delorme's Couture's Piano is opulent.  The Piano design, by Yves Delorme COUTURE, composes a sophisticated and pure option in the Timeless Classics offer.  The pattern is an interplay of contrasting dots and white lines interspersed with delicate open-spaces, reminding us of the poetry of musical notes with rapid dashes of sound and caesura.

100% cotton, 550 g/mē
White folded bias finish, embroidered on terry.
Made with care in France.

Size Dimensions Color Unit Price Quantity
Bath Mat
One Size 21 x 34 $225.00
Bath Sheet 47 x 63" $295.00
Bath Towel 31 x 51" $195.00
Guest Towel 18 x 28" $95.00
One Size 13 x 13" $60.00

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