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Luxury linens from Yves DeLorme are among the finest available -- beautiful prints and fabulous details. Since 1845, Yves DeLorme has been creating the finest in French design with the quality of French and Italian craftsmanship. Largest selection online of fine French bedding. Save 20% during our annual Bastille Day promotion -- now thru July 18th.
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Bedding Collection 2015
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There are certainly more than a few luxury linen providers in the market, but none rival the magnificence, comfort, design and craftsmanship of Yves Delorme.

With a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century, Yves Delorme has become the standard for excellence among fine French linens, and because of that, The Linen Gallery proudly offers a great selection of their fine products.

Designed and tailored with inspiration from the French art de vivre, Yves Delorme linens have more to offer than simply quality and longevity, as their wonderfully crafted sheets, duvets, comforters, robes, towels and table linens are exemplary of traditional European fashion and savoir faire.

What distinguishes Yves Delorme from the rest

It's no question that among the many materials we interact with everyday, we have a special relationship with our linens. One of the finest moments of the day is when we're finally able to nestle between the soft sheets on our bed and the fluffy comforter adorning it.

Life is too short to take away from that by settling for discount or imitation linens.

The superior quality of Yves Delorme linens truly sets them apart from others. Yves sheets are woven with Egyptian long-staple cotton, a material distinguished by its fiber and length. Each sheet is carded and combed during the spinning process, producing finer threads and a final product unmatched in quality by any other manufacturer.

Before you first experience the feel of Yves Delorme linens, their artistry and fashion will undoubtedly grab your eye. Each year, Yves's percale prints and jacquard classics are mixed and matched, allowing the designs to evolve over time.

The History of Yves Delorme: More than a century and a half of excellence

As it goes, Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was Yves Delorme. Such a level of fine craftsmanship took more than a few hardships to achieve. But those who have been fortunate enough to fall asleep in Yves bedding certainly appreciate the tenacity of the Fremaux family, who, in 1845, established the company that would one day become Fremaux-Delorme.

Just more than 20 years after Ernestine Fremaux and her husband started their linen weaving business outside of Lille, France, a fire destroyed their facilities. Unperturbed by the setback, however, the Fremaux's rebuilt and began spinning cotton yarn.

When World War I ravaged the northern France textile industry, the family moved to a town unaffected by the devastation, and in 1920, added new looms and used salvaged machinery to modernize their mills.

The Fremaux's were able to dodge disaster in the First World War, but weren't as fortunate during the Second. Most of the company's assets were lost in WWII, but after a century of fine linen production, they weren't ready to give up. The family took the opportunity to replace its mechanical looms with automatic ones, resulting in a dramatic uptick in production after the war.

In the 1980s, the Fremaux group shifted its efforts toward the production of home linens to be sold in the retail market. The company expanded to the United States in 1983, the United Kingdom in 1989 and then China in 1995.

Amid the rapid expansion, Dominique Fremaux met Yves Delorme, who was known for producing fine bath products at the time. The two decided to join forces, allowing for a perfect marriage of contemporary technological advancements and traditional technique and materials.

In 2002, the Fremaux group evolved into Fremaux-Delorme, which is now one of the largest continually operating textile manufacturers in Europe.

Today, Yves Delorme, which exclusively represents French companies Iosis and Mis En Demeure in the United States, offers its products in 450 stores in 45 different countries all over the world, and the rich legacy of the Fremaux visionaries lives on through every thread.

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