Escapades Sepia


Garnier Thiebaut's Escapades in Sepia will transport you to a Bohemian Garden with its authentic colors. You will feel its wild elegance and untouched natural beauty.  Great way to add light and charm to your home or garden. Printed on pre washed 100% Linen.   
Linen lays nicely on the table with its effortless look. Made in France. 

Size Dimensions Unit Price Quantity
Set of 4 Napkins 18 x 18" $92.00
Oblong 20 x 61" $73.00
Square 45 x 45" $123.00
Square 61 x 61" $174.00
Oblong 61 x 89" $236.00
Oblong 61 x 102" $276.00

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