Mille Oceans


Garnier Thiebaut's Mille Oceans is attractive and fun.  Seashells, sand and coastal breeze make for the perfect design.  This ambience will help create a lifetime of memories with family and friends. 100%cotton.  Made in France.  
Note: This pattern is an allover design, and the fabric is cut randomly within the cloth to make this product.
You may receive a different cut of the pattern from one piece to another, and the product may look differently than the picture.

Size Dimensions Color Unit Price Quantity
Dinner Napkin
Set of Four 22 x 22" $136.00
Set of Four 16 x 20 $128.00
Oblong 22 x 71" $113.00
Square 71 x 71" $340.00
Square 35 x 35" $103.00
Oblong 71 x 98" $549.00
Oblong 71 x 118" $521.00
Round 71" $340.00
Square 45 x 45" $152.00

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