Bamboo Towels

Voted Best Towel Overall by the Wall Street Journal, our Bamboo towel by Daisy House is one of the most luxurious towels made from pure natural bamboo fiber. With a beautiful hand that is ultra soft, these towels also have unique properties such as the antibacterial qualities characteristic of bamboo fibers. 
700 grams,  the towel is 60% bamboo and 40% combed cotton. Bamboo fibers absorb substantially more moisture than cotton.  Stocked in 15 colors. Best seller! Note: coordinating bath mat is 100% cotton.

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Best Friends Canine

Tessitura Toscana Telerie is a wonderful linen company that makes all their products in Tuscany, Italy. Their kitchen towels are so pretty they could be wall art but strong enough for regular use. In Best Friends Canine tea towel you can observe a royal canine party.  Dogs of all breeds dressed up in adorable outfits and accessories are the center of attention here. Just like they wish it. 100% linen, they're perfect for lint-free drying. 

Limited to stock on hand: Two

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2022 Calendar Floraison

Le Jacquard Francais 2022 Calendar Floraison tea towel is colorful and cheerful.  Broad horizontal stripes in bright jewel tones are the background for the calendar and gorgeous flowers in full bloom.  You will also find a sweet butterfly and lady bug strolling around. 

100% cotton. Size: 24 x 31".  

Limited to stock on hand:  24. No special orders.

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2022 Calendar Celebration

Garnier Thiebaut's 2022 Calendar Tea Towel is a Celebration.   Bright and festive and in the traditional GT mille weave.

100% cotton jacquard woven. Made in France. 

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April Cornell's enamelware is beautiful. For Holiday 2021 she has rolled out the Amaryllis collection.  The collection consists of three "buckets" and a tea time tray.  All based on April's nature inspired watercolor paintings.  The French Bucket is large enough to be used as a small wastebasket while the other two sizes would hold Amaryllis perfectly. 

  • Made of chronium metal sheet with powder coating
  • Not Food Safe
  • Buckets Will Not Leak
  • Hand Wash, Not Dishwasher Safe
Limited to stock on hand: two trays, five berry buckets, two just right buckets and two french buckets.

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